Viaje de Camino

One of my favorite guitar songs. A lot of Satch influence in this one. This one made it to #1 over-all on Acid Planet. Not sure if that makes this my most popular song or not? This is one of the first songs that I composed on guitar. I didn’t record it until 2007, but it’s been in my head for years. Viaje de camino roughly translated means; ‘road trip’. For those who care to know.

Space Dock Theme Song

For the record, I didn’t name this one, lol… A good friend needed an up tempo guitar back track for a project. I’m always looking for something new to create, so I composed this track. This one fit the bill. PineRidge studios helped with the final mix down. I had to rename is ‘High Tech Summer’ to sell it, but the original name is ‘Space Dock Theme Song’. I suppose most songs go through a few edits before the name is finalized? 


Ride Heavy

This was one of my first experiments with dropped tuning and a few other things. I love the heavy vibe and rich harmony parts. Even after all these years, I love the mix and this is one of my favorite personal songs. I have no idea why, but I never get tired of this one. I get a lot of requests for the backing track on this one (either they hate my solo or they want to write their own? haha…).


Rock & Roll Grind

Rock & Roll Grind

I wrote this song for a local snow boarding video back in 2007. Turned out pretty cool. Some of my cleanest guitar work from back in the day. The mix is a little “bright/harsh”. I was using an older version of Ozone for the mix down. I had no idea how to use the software, lol… and it shows. Oh well, live and learn right? Btw, a ‘Rock & Roll Grind’ is a snow boarding move, hence the name. 

Lucky for me I gave the project manager my raw audio tracks. I’m sure his mix-down sounds much better than mine.