MoonSugar & Skooma

Moon Sugar & Skooma

Yeah, too much time spent playing Morrowind, then Oblivion, etc… This song was obviously influenced by those games, lol… Cool track though. If you’ve never played Morrowind or Oblivion (first, shame on you!); Moon Sugar is a narcotic and Skooma is kinda like moon shine. That’s why the song sounds like an acid trip, haha. 

Space Dock Theme Song

For the record, I didn’t name this one, lol… A good friend needed an up tempo guitar back track for a project. I’m always looking for something new to create, so I composed this track. This one fit the bill. PineRidge studios helped with the final mix down. I had to rename is ‘High Tech Summer’ to sell it, but the original name is ‘Space Dock Theme Song’. I suppose most songs go through a few edits before the name is finalized? 


I composed Thunder as a backing track for guitarists. I get a ton of emails asking for backing tracks. Not all guitarists are composers and even less know how to mix a track, so I decided to send out a simple backing track and see how folks like it. So far the response is very good. I entered this track in an online contest (Tunecore) and won 2nd prize for ‘Best Guitar Bed’. Pretty cool.


Why did I name the track ‘Thunder’? I let my son Conner listen to the track and come up with a name. Conner said that the song reminded him of a thunder storm, so there ya have it. I love blue and this image is pretty cool. If you want a copy of the MP3, just shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to send you a copy.

Just Married

Sorry for the lapse in content. I’ve had a few life changes over the pass few months. I GOT MARRIED! SNAP! I got married in March and loving life. I don’t have as much time to write music right now, but that will change. My wife is a musician too (I know! right?). You’ll get to hear her beautiful vocals on some of the new tracks.

I have some new songs and other creative content in the works, but I’m taking a little time to enjoy being married. Plus, it’s a lot of work setting up a new home, moving stuff, etc… Yes, it’s worth it! Very happy and loving life! Warning: expect a few sappy love songs in the future. Until then, here’s a quick Flamenco piece that I love.

Red Dragon

~ Red Dragon ~

Red Dragon is a new track for my next album. I spent some time a few weeks ago learning Flamenco guitar picking techniques. The Flamenco pick attack was perfect for this song. Red Dragon has some of my cleanest guitar work yet. I love the runs and bouncy drums. Everything kinda sits on the beat, but stays loose.

I love the composition and the use of guitar tones to create something “non-guitar” sounding. The inspiration for this track is another bucket list item; The Chinese Red Dragon Festival. The last 3rd of the song has a nice outro. I push everything ‘over’ a key and let the harmony rub.

Red Dragon




New Album (iTunes, Google Play & Amazon)

My new album is posted in all 3 major digital music stores; iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. In addition, my new album is listed in over 200 other digital music stores. Availability varies from country to country. The price is the same on all 3 stores ($7.99). The prices varies a lot with the other stores. Mostly due to currency conversion. If you live in the US, stick to the major 3 digital music providers.

I didn’t advertise on Tunecore, but 50% of each LP sale goes to the “Love Without Boundaries Foundation“. Love Without Boundaries Foundation began in 2003 after a group of adoptive parents came together to help save the life of one tiny boy in China. Learn more about how LWB is touching the lives of thousands of children… one life at a time! Yes, I’m a sucker for kids, but that’s not a bad thing. Love Without Boundaries can feed one child for about $5 a month! I have no idea how they do that, but I’m happy to support such a wonderful group of people.

As of this posting my album has sold over 200 copies in less than 48 hours! I have amazing fans, thank you!

Thanks so much for all the support and kind emails. Here are the links:

new album

As always, if you need a different version or format, just shoot me an email. I have high resolution versions of all my songs (320 bit MP3). I can also provide a creative license if you want to use a song in a media project. Just send a link back to my site.

Thanks again!


New Album

New Album! (Nov 4 – release date)

Well, I finally published my new album. Probably should have happened a long time ago, but better late than never. My new album will be listed in every major online digital music store (50+ digital stores in total). Here is a “short” list of where to find my EP on Nov 4, 2014:

New Album

I’ll post links and prices as soon as my UPC goes live. Each store will have a slightly different price depending on commission, promotion costs, etc… However, the cost should be about $7. I’m half way finished with my second album. I should be able to release my second EP in early 2015. Feedback would be great. After you have a chance to hear the EP, please shoot me an email. I would love to hear what you think. Good or bad, it all helps. Thank you for listening.

The new album artwork is my creation (as usual). I took a picture of some cool rusted metal and add some text. Simple, but I like it. I think it fits the character of the songs. Not sure, but I knew that if I waited too long, I would never make up my mind, so there ya have it.

New Album

Thanks again for all those that listen to my music. Remember, if you purchased all of my “Instrumental Guitar” songs, you get a free copy of new EP. Just shoot me an email to remind me, but I’ll start sending out the free copies next week. Thanks again!



Ride Heavy

This was one of my first experiments with dropped tuning and a few other things. I love the heavy vibe and rich harmony parts. Even after all these years, I love the mix and this is one of my favorite personal songs. I have no idea why, but I never get tired of this one. I get a lot of requests for the backing track on this one (either they hate my solo or they want to write their own? haha…).


Rock & Roll Grind

Rock & Roll Grind

I wrote this song for a local snow boarding video back in 2007. Turned out pretty cool. Some of my cleanest guitar work from back in the day. The mix is a little “bright/harsh”. I was using an older version of Ozone for the mix down. I had no idea how to use the software, lol… and it shows. Oh well, live and learn right? Btw, a ‘Rock & Roll Grind’ is a snow boarding move, hence the name. 

Lucky for me I gave the project manager my raw audio tracks. I’m sure his mix-down sounds much better than mine.