I composed Thunder as a backing track for guitarists. I get a ton of emails asking for backing tracks. Not all guitarists are composers and even less know how to mix a track, so I decided to send out a simple backing track and see how folks like it. So far the response is very good. I entered this track in an online contest (Tunecore) and won 2nd prize for ‘Best Guitar Bed’. Pretty cool.


Why did I name the track ‘Thunder’? I let my son Conner listen to the track and come up with a name. Conner said that the song reminded him of a thunder storm, so there ya have it. I love blue and this image is pretty cool. If you want a copy of the MP3, just shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to send you a copy.



I’ve been working on a score for a media project. It’s been a few weeks, but after 100+ hours, 143 tracks and some Advil, it’s finished, lol… The original track “November” is over 40 minutes long. Posting a 40 minute track didn’t make sense, so I cut out a few segments and created a much shorter audio clip. The November audio clip provides a nice preview for the score.

All of my guitar head friends are probably saying; “Where’s the guitar dude!?”. Well “dudes”, most of this track was written on my guitar (i.e. midi guitar and Peavey’s new audio cloning technology). The tracking is a bugger, but it works with a little patience. If you listen closely, you can hear the strings cut too fast (that’s the midi guitar VST). I was going to use a keyboard, but I like how November turned out. Not your “usual” sound track vibe.


The cover art is by an artist named “Hector Llamas“. I love this piece! The painting is named; Emotional Color. I thought the painting was a perfect fit for November and a good excuse to post this on my blog. Now I need a huge print for my office, lol…