Solace Electra

Hanging out with a few Jazz musicians on Jammr tonight. I found a couple Jazz heads looking for a guitarist. The didn’t say what kind “type” of guitarist? lol… This is what happens when you blend Jazz with hard fusion?

I had a song in my head and they worked out the backing parts. The final product was Solace Electra. I had the name (Solace Electra) written down for awhile now. I just needed the right musicians to put all of the pieces together. A big FAT thank you to; Greg Linger, Mike “the big wheel” Anders and Karla R. Hopefully we will have a chance to record something else soon. I love collaborating with other musicians.

I really like the track. It was all one take. They played the background first so I could listen, then we played the entire song together. I used Sony Acid to record everything. I was gonna use Ozone to clean up the track, but I like the “raw” sound that is has. I feel pretty raw right now, so the music matches how I feel.

I was gonna go to a movie tonight. Instead, I stayed home and got some Solace Electra!

Solace Electra

This picture fits how I feel right now, so I decided to use it as the song cover art work. The art is part is Nicky Assmann’s (yes, that is her real name), award winning “Solace” collection. You can view Nicky’s art work (here).

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