I found some Jazz heads on Jammr a few days ago. You can read about that jam session (here). Our second session produced this new song “Equilibrium“. I had the basic idea for the song worked out. Greg, Mike and Karla were able to fill in the gaps. I didn’t master this track. I left most the records pretty raw. I like the raw sound. I have the original tracks, so I might post a mastered version later, but for now I really like the way it sounds.

The song Equilibrium is about feeling really high or really low, then trying find a balance. That’s why the song changes from mellow to harsh, then back to mellow, etc. My life is a mess right now. Music is my art form and art usually imitates life. From personal experience; the only way to weather life’s many challenges is to find balance. Without balance, you can easily get sucked into a chaotic vortex.


I like this picture. I like how one of the rocks has a couple nasty chips and dings. That’s how I see life. A few smooth rocks held together by a couple of broken pieces. When you put everything together it all balances out. We all have broken pieces inside.

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