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Viaje de Camino

One of my favorite guitar songs. A lot of Satch influence in this one. This one made it to #1 over-all on Acid Planet. Not sure if that makes this my most popular song or not? This is one of the first songs that I composed on guitar. I didn’t record it until 2007, but it’s […]

Moon Sugar & Skooma

Yeah, too much time spent playing Morrowind, then Oblivion, etc… This song was obviously influenced by those games, lol… Cool track though. If you’ve never played Morrowind or Oblivion (first, shame on you!); Moon Sugar is a narcotic and Skooma is kinda like moon shine. That’s why the song sounds like an acid trip, haha. 

Space Dock Theme Song

For the record, I didn’t name this one, lol… A good friend needed an up tempo guitar back track for a project. I’m always looking for something new to create, so I composed this track. This one fit the bill. PineRidge studios helped with the final mix down. I had to rename is ‘High Tech Summer’ […]


I composed Thunder as a backing track for guitarists. I get a ton of emails asking for backing tracks. Not all guitarists are composers and even less know how to mix a track, so I decided to send out a simple backing track and see how folks like it. So far the response is very […]

Just Married

Sorry for the lapse in content. I’ve had a few life changes over the pass few months. I GOT MARRIED! SNAP! I got married in March and loving life. I don’t have as much time to write music right now, but that will change. My wife is a musician too (I know! right?). You’ll get […]

~ Red Dragon ~

Red Dragon is a new track for my next album. I spent some time a few weeks ago learning Flamenco guitar picking techniques. The Flamenco pick attack was perfect for this song. Red Dragon has some of my cleanest guitar work yet. I love the runs and bouncy drums. Everything kinda sits on the beat, […]

New Album (iTunes, Google Play & Amazon)

My new album is posted in all 3 major digital music stores; iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. In addition, my new album is listed in over 200 other digital music stores. Availability varies from country to country. The price is the same on all 3 stores ($7.99). The prices varies a lot with the […]


I’ve been working on a score for a media project. It’s been a few weeks, but after 100+ hours, 143 tracks and some Advil, it’s finished, lol… The original track “November” is over 40 minutes long. Posting a 40 minute track didn’t make sense, so I cut out a few segments and created a much shorter […]

Tests of Endurance

Tests of Endurance was another Acid Planet collaboration. I thought this song would make it’s way to the air waves for sure, but it never happened. So much good music out there and a lot of it never goes anywhere. This song was recorded in 2007. I found a copy on an old hard drive. It’s […]

New Album! (Nov 4 – release date)

Well, I finally published my new album. Probably should have happened a long time ago, but better late than never. My new album will be listed in every major online digital music store (50+ digital stores in total). Here is a “short” list of where to find my EP on Nov 4, 2014: I’ll post […]