You know those guys on the street that play music and leave their instrument case open (or a hat) in the hopes that each passer-by will throw in some extra change? I’m just like those guys, but I use the internet. That’s why all of my tracks and songs are only a buck. I’m not doing this to get rich, but I hope to make enough to support my hobby (a.k.a. addiction, lol…). I love playing and creating music.

You can use my audio tracks and songs however you wish. If you use one of my tracks or songs for anything other than personal use, please post my name in the credits (use Dan Campbell). I don’t care about additional payment. I just want the artistic credit. If you need a creative license release I can provide one. In addition, if you need/want to buy the rights to a particular track or song we can work that out too. Just drop me an email via the Contact page.

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